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E-bicycle chains expected to be a new growth engine for KMC

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KMC Chain Industrial Co., Ltd. recently announced its continued expansion into the e-bicycle chains market, a segment that the world leading bicycle chain maker expects to become a new growth engine for the company.

 As the largest bicycle chain maker in the world, KMC introduced its X-eBike Series chains to satisfy the demands of high-end sport e-bikes and e-bike motor enthusiasts.

Different from urban e-bike systems, the high-end sport e-bikes are equipped with mid-driven motor drivetrains and directly generate more power for long and steep climbs.

 As such, the chains for such systems are required to endure extreme side torque and tensile from the mid-driven motor.

The X-eBike Series chains was specifically designed by KMC to perform in these sport e-bike systems with the highest compatibility and torsion resistance.

Offering enhanced riding experience and safety, the series has become a prerequisite component on sport e-bikes. The series feature 4 major design highlights:

 Unsurpassed Riveting Geometry

20% upgraded pin power for higher torsion and stress resistance to cope with extreme drivetrain conditions while achieving enhanced safety.

Triple X Durability Treatment

20% upgraded durability to prolong chain life for the rider to enjoy a longer up time with less maintenance cost.

Double X Bridge and Optimal Chamfering Designs

Best shifting performance on all systems and decrease friction between chain and all drivetrain parts, enabling riders to focus on the ride and less on the compatibility of the chain and drivetrain.

Eco ProTeQ (EPT) Treatment

EPT coating for riders who frequently navigate muddy courses. Compliant with all environmental standards (RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, etc.). The EPT treatment protects the chain by completely coating all components, forming a durable anti-corrosion surface that won’t impact the environment. It requires little maintenance and remains smooth and fresh through time.

KMC X e-Bike Series is recognized by world renowned brands including Bergamont, Corratec, Cube, Currie, Haibike, Harje, Lapierre, Merida, Stevens, Specialized, Zeg and more, are all faithful long term partners of KMC.


Catherine Hung (ychung@taitra.org.tw)

Source: Liberty Times Net


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