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Taiwan's Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project on track to begin in 2018

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The Taoyuan International Airport and the government are gearing up for a massive infrastructure expansion project set to begin in 2018; The Taoyuan Aerotropolis project.

The massive infrastructure development plan is set to receive final approval in March, and then the Taoyuan City Government will have the clear to begin seeking contractors to start construction.

Located in Taoyuan City in northwestern Taiwan, the Taoyuan Aerotropolis will essentially create a modern industrial logistics center, development zone as well as a modern urban residential neighborhood, all surrounding the current Taoyuan International Airport.

Concept plans for the massive 4,500 hectare project have been in the works since as early as 2009, and the project will possibly be the largest infrastructure project in Taiwan’s history.

Promoted as a “Gateway to Taiwan and to Asia,” the project calls for new rail lines, including a new MRT line for the Aerotropolis zone itself.

In addition to the Taoyuan International Airport, the new complex will include the following five key zones; a Green Innovation Zone, a Logistics and Trading Zone, a LOHAS Residential Zone, a Passenger Transportation and Retail Zone, and an Administration and Business Service Zone.

The current plans are also being promoted in step with the government’s “5+2" Industrial Innovation program, and will be integrated into the Asia Silicon Valley Development initiative. The entire project will also be a fertile ground for investment in smart technologies, Internet of Things, and the development of “green” technology and design.

Taoyuan Aerotropolis Home: https://goo.gl/Zirbf8


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