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"Auto opening" buoyancy aid by 21Design Development

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Taiwan Trade Center Miami

The "auto opening" buoyancy aid by 21Design Development Co., Ltd. is an innovative personal flotation device that enables the wearer to effortlessly maintain vertical balance in the water.

 Unlike conventional products, the "auto opening" buoyancy aid is designed to keep the wearer afloat in a natural upright position. The product is excellent for non-swimmers and beginners as it is much more effective at keeping the wearer's head steadily above water while providing extra protection for the front and back of the body.

 21 Design Development implemented 3 key features to make the auto opening buoyancy aid not only life-saving but also fun for water sports:

 1. Vertical balance: the auto opening boards provides extra floating stability for the wearer compared to traditional life jackets.

 2. Reduces crash force: the front and back boards act as protective buffers upon impact with rocks or other objects.

 3. Transformable: depending on the wearer's inclined position in the water, the boards can naturally fold into place for snorkeling and swimming.

 21Design Development Co., Ltd. provides its customers around the world with a wide range of services, including fashion design, graphic design and sporting goods.

 Established in Taiwan in 1987, 21Design Development has expanded since then and now operates to meet the global market demand for high quality products.


The company has a highly experienced and dedicated team of innovators to develop the best designs and products for customers.


Product home: www.lifejacket.com.tw/pd_group4.html

21 Design on Taiwantrade.com: 21design.en.taiwantrade.com

Source: 21Design Development Co., Ltd.

Catherine Hung (ychung@taitra.org.tw)


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