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Taiwan Trade Shows Travel Incentive Policy and Terms


In order to apply for incentvies it must be processed by Taiwan Trade Center, if you are interested in attending Taiwan Trade Shows, with travel incentvie, please contact Suwen Yang at suwenyang@taitra.org.tw.

Please click HERE for the list of 2019 Taiwan Trade Shows

(1) You must have Non-Taiwanese passport.
(2) Your company must not be a Taiwanese Company.
(3) If you apply for flight incentive, attending procurement meetings is required. Otherwise, your incentive will be canceled and you will be charged the amount of cost/fees.
Based on TAITRA policy, only 1 incentive can be offered per company in the same year, that means only one room/ flight ticket can be offered to your company.
(5) Each trade show has different qualificaiton for incentive, please wait patiently until your application have been verified and approved.
(6) Our reimbursement is based on the quotation given by our travel agent.  

Frequent Incentive Q&A

(1) Hotel Incentive

1-1. Q: How does the maximum subsidy work? (The hotel is not completely free)

A: For example, if the maximum subsidy of your hotel is  NTD 12,000, and your hotel room is charged NTD5,000 per night. On the 3rd day, you will be charged 3,000NTD because you have surpassed the maximum subsidy. ((NTD5,000 x 3 (days) –  NTD12,000) = NTD 3,000), and you will be charged for full price starting on the 4th day.

*Room services are not included in the maximum subsidy
**Airport pick service is included in the maximum subsidy of your hotel incentive.

1-2. Q: Do I need to find the hotel by myself?

A: No, my counterpart in Taiwan will arrange and schedule hotel (TAITRA contracted hotels) for you. Once your incentive has been approved, a hotel representative will contact you. You don’t need to do anything.

1-3. Q: What if I don’t like the hotel?

A: Please feel free to inform me regarding your concerns and I will contact TAITRA HQ to reassign you a hotel. Also if you ask, we can give you the contracted hotel list for the show.

1-4. Q: How does the transportation arrangement work?
A: Transportation is arranged by the hotel,  you will have to let the hotel representative know that you require a pick-up service. The hotel will provide a the transportation service( could be Limo, Shuttle or Car) that will meet you at the airport. The airport pick-up service will be deducted from your subsidy amount. 

(2) Flight Incentive

2-1. Q: Do I need to find the flight by myself?

A: We sincerely suggest that you book your own flight. Upon your arrrival back from Taiwan, you will need to send the required documents (showing below) to our Miami office. Once documents are recieved, we will reimburse you the flight cost by check. However, it is also ok if you ask us to book the flight for you.

*Before buying your own ticekt please be aware that flight tickets purchased by Rewards/ Mileage do not apply. We only reimburse direct flight from your location to Taiwan.

2-2. Q: What are the required documents mentioned in the previous question?

A: For your reimbursement purpose, you will need to mail the following documents to our Miami office after coming back from Taiwan, no matter whether we book the flight for you or you bought it by yourself.

The required documents are *(1) Copy of your passport (the page with your name, birth date, nationality…etc) / *(2) Copy of your business card (with your name and company name on it) / *(3) Copy of your show’s badge / (4) Original airline ticket (or electronic ticket, like confirmation receipt/ invoice) / (5) Original boarding pass (based on itinerary)

*(1) (2) (3) can be scanned and emailed to me, (4) can be sent by email if it is E-ticket/receipt, (5) must be the original boarding passes and send to Taiwan Trade Center Miami.

2-3. Q: What should I know before purchasing the flight on my own?

A: Please keep in  mind, based on TAITRA policy, we only reimburse the amount of flight cost based on the itinerary directly from your company's location to Taiwan. If you chose to purchase your own flight, you may do so by either Multi-City/ Round - Trip, but we will have to ask for a quote from our travel agent and reimburse you based on their price.

2-4. Q: May I upgrade my flight to business/ first class?

A: Yes, you can upgrade your seat to business/ first class, but we will only reimburse the amount of economic level, you have to pay the difference by yourself.

2-5. Q : How do I change or cancel my flight?

A : Attention!! If we purchase the itinerary for you,  and you ask to change or cancel the flight, you will have to pay the penalty fees by yourself. Please confirm your trip to Taiwan before asking me to purchase the itinerary.  

(3) Procurement Meeting (Flight Incentive)

3-1. Q: What is procurement meeting?

A: One-on-One Procurement Meeting is a platform for business opportunity for international buyers and Taiwanese suppliers, it is scheduled and arranged by TAITRA HQ, we will send you a list of Taiwanese suppliers who are interested in working with your company once your application has been approved.

3-2. Q: What is the Taiwanese suppliers’ list mentioned in the previous question?

A: The list is based on the “products interested from Taiwan” at the very beginning when I apply the travel incentive for you , our project manager in Taiwan will inform the related suppliers based on this information to create the business opportunity for you.

3-3. Q: How many Taiwanese suppliers do I have to meet?

A: Approximately 10 (or less) Taiwanese suppliers.

3-4. Q: When and how long the procurement meeting is?

A: One-on-One Procurement Meeting are usually held during the first day of the show. (It might differs) and take approximately 3 hours.

3-5. Q: What should I know before attending the procurement meeting?

A: Attention!! If your travel incentive requires that  you attend a procurement meeting  then you are required to do so. If you do not attend/make it, then TAITRA may cancel all your incentives and charge you for flight and/ or hotel.